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9mm Backward Flap Mag Pouch – Ranger Green

CHF 26.90 inkl. MwSt


9mm Backward Flap Mag Pouch – Ranger Green

CHF 26.90 inkl. MwSt


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Die 5.56mm Backward Flap Mag Pouch aus dem Hause Clawgear setzt neue Massstäbe was Vielseitigkeit und Effizienz im taktischen Bereich anbelangt. Die Magazintaschen können nicht nur eine grosse Anzahl verschiedener Magazine des Kalibers 9x19mm aufnehmen, sondern kombinieren perfekt die Attribute aus Schutz und schnellen Zugriff auf die eigene Ausrüstung.

Clawgear’s nylon equipment is designed to increase the operator’s performance and fightability. These products are optimized to be as versatile and lightweight as possible, the use of proprietary Tacticoat and Tacticoat Reinforced materials same time massively increases the durability and lifetime.

The revolutionary backward flap system brings many benefits in comparison to conventional magazine pouches with elastic retention. The natural reflexes are much better supported and allows the operator to have faster access to the magazine, while the flap will not interfere other magazine pouches.

Designed and prototyped in Austria, field tested worldwide, assembled in Poland from EU and US made military grade materials.

– Tacticoat laser cutted construction
– Low profile and lightweight
– Backward Flap for enhanced magazine retention and immediate access
– Adjustable retention
– MOLLE PALS compatible
– Weighs just 38g

Fits most standard and compact pistol magazines with standard capacity. For example: Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 37, 38, S&W M&P 9mm and .40, Springfield XD 9mm and .40, 1911 Government 9mm, .40 and .45, Berettta 92, 96, CZ 75, Walther P99, SigSauer P220, P226, P228, P229, H&K USP 9mm and .40, USP/Match Compact/P2000 9mm and .40, SFP9/P30 9mm and .40 and many more.

Tacticoat Reinforced
This laminated material has been developed to provide an incredibly strong and easy to process fabric for the production of outstandingly durable gear for law enforcement and military use. Due to its layered construction it has unique strength to weight characteristics.

Gewicht 0.5 kg
Grösse 20 × 15 × 15 cm